How Do You Do It?

For real! How do you do it? What do you do after you've shot your promo video?

Great question! I may or may not have been asked this a few times this week so let's talk about that.

You've shot your video- hey that's awesome! Great job! Now comes the next part, editing. For some it's where all the magic happens, for others it's something that have to do because they can't afford an editor to do it. Either way if you want to take on the process yourself it may be a daunting task.

1st - first I upload all my favourite clips into my editing software. I know what ones are my favourite because I log them as we shoot to make this segment easier and less painful. Check mark.

2nd - I match my clips to the storyboard I out together for the client during the pre-production stage (see how it's all coming together?)

3rd - If it's going to have a custom audio track (which I love to have made for all my clients to make their work unique!) and a voiceover I remove all the audio tracks attached to the video and lay down a filler track of something I like. (note: do NOT edit your track to the beat of this tune or you'll have to redo it later. For me it's more to keep things fun and interesting during the process) 

4th - I start cutting down my clips to the appropriate length and add in my B-roll. Keeping the finished length in mind until the custom audio is complete.

5th - I lay down my custom track, make some adjustments to the cuts to match or not match the audio depending on what the client has specified. Add in some filters and let the final piece buffer away!

6th - Share with the client, make some changes based on criticisms, bask in the compliments, and take some time to see what you did right and what you could improve on later.

7th - Now you rock, relax and go enjoy the rest of your day!

I hope this has helped someone and gives you a bit more insight into how we're doing things here at SevenSeas Productions.