Where'd it all begin?

The title says it all, where'd it all begin? 

My love for film and video really goes back to high school where I took every art or media class available. Our school didn't have the best of equipment so I learned to do all my editing on old VHS tapes and a VHS editing deck. No computers, no final cut, no iPhones. We had VHS camera's and our editing deck, that's all! So I fell in love with the hands on experience of making videos. It was hard, the videos were horrible but it sparked the dream of making movies. 

From there my next step was the Toronto Film School, which I credit my amazing wife (dating at the time) for pushing me to follow my dreams and take action to make them a reality. I did and I loved every aspect of it! I took advantage of the opportunities in front of me and dove in with excitement. It was during school that I realized if I wanted to make it in the video world I'd have to take matters into my own hands. From there SevenSeas Productions was born. 

I'll keep this first post short and minus all the heavy details - I think that's a good place to start. Stay tuned for more posts where we'll get specific on certain subjects, gear reviews and fun stuff along this awesome journey!

Cheers for now!