tiff Season Is Coming!

It's almost that time of the year where the festival circuit makes it's way to Toronto. Hello tiff season! This year the festival will be in town from Sept 8-18th. 

Now if you've never been downtown during festival time, well, it's an animal like no other! The streets are packed with producers, videophiles, movie connoisseur's and boat loads of celebrities all bathing in the electric glow of the city lights.

If you have the chance to get down to see some films, do it! It's a different experience then going to the theatres any other time. It's hard to explain but the biggest part is the atmosphere. It's a wild ride of hustle and bustle, exclusive screenings, private parties and fun! We had the chance to volunteer there a few years ago where on our first day we did usher duty for Snoop Dogg's Documentary where Drake and himself were there with a number of other artists. The next day we did line control for an Amy Adams movie and spoke to Canadian director Sarah Polley while being invited to an exclusive party with George Clooney and the Reitman family. Pretty good for a volunteer opportunity! 

So you're not used to the festival scene? Just want to get your feet wet? Perfect! Volunteer! It's one of the biggest festivals around and volunteering will give you the opportunity to watch some awesome films you may never see otherwise, you'll get to be up and close to your favourite celebs and maybe even attend a party or two. Cool? yeah we think so! 

We'll have a film there soon enough, but for this year, do yourselves a favour and see a film or two- you'll thank yourself for it afterwards and will give you plenty of stories to tell around ye olde water cooler. see you at the top!


SevenSeas Productions