2 Weeks in Mexico Unplugged

We're back! After some much needed R&R in the Riviera Maya we're looking to move forward with full steam!

How was the trip though? Glad you asked - It was awesome!

I've never been a huge fan of the tropical island holiday. I've always preferred Europe or Canadian Wilderness, or Disney. But this time it was a bit different. Maybe it was because we were there for 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 or maybe it was the amazing resort. Ah heck.... besides getting to spend some quality time with my wifey I got to swim with sea turtles! SEA TURTLES! And in the wild, not some tour guided scheduled meeting. 

Getting to see them in person, to be face to face with them really helped me put a few things into perspective. First, why can't I do this all the time? this isn't the first time I've asked this question but it really helped sink it in that their is more to life then your daily grind. No matter how much you may or may not love it.

Second and even more important. Who can I share this with? Who do I know that would love an experience like this? That right there, is motivation. It's motivation to be even more creative and to do the grind to bring others with you. Family, Friends, those who are most important in our lives.

This post really has nothing to do with film- yes, I shot some cool photos and videos while I was there but the entire point of it was to relax and reconnect: with my wife, with myself, with nature and with God. So we're back to working with new clients (and some awesome repeat ones!) as well as some neat projects on the horizon and maybe a festival entry or two. Stay tuned for some more cast and crew profiles and it would be awesome to hear ideas for future posts! 


Cheers for now,