"Auditions" Guest Blog - Nathan Hibbert

Booking auditions is a fun yet very scary process for me. I know that I have to audition to get the roles I want, but who wants to put themselves in a place to get rejected?

I think rejection is the hardest part. No one wants to feel like they weren’t good enough for something they want. I’ve personally been “rejected” when auditioning for Movies, Music Videos, Modeling gigs etc. At first I was like “Damn I’m not good enough.” but now I know it’s about your mindset. I go into every audition saying “this part is mine!” and if they don’t choose me they missed out on a great actor.

Go in to every audition with as much confidence as you can. Don’t let anything make you feel like you don’t deserve the part, gig or job. Of course you won’t get everything you audition for due to other factors, but don’t let that get you down. Other opportunities may come around. Who knows, maybe the person who is casted ends up backing out and the director remembers you based off your performance. Its show business things can change in a flash. You just got to be ready to change with it when it happens.

Now I won’t say that I’m perfect at this myself, because I’m not. Though I do find my way of thinking helps when I’m not cast for a role. Thing is with this mindset you can get caught up in the “I’m the best actor” thought, and not realize that you actually weren’t meant for the part. Always try and learn from your auditions good or bad. Ask yourself questions like: How could I have done better? What did I do that the directors liked? Did I bring out my full potential? Did I bring the character they want to see to life? You can always learn from your auditions. You just got to ask yourself the right questions.

Remember to be yourself and have fun as well. Make the character yours and bring it to life. Add your own spin to their creation and prey that they like what they see!



Guest blog by Nathan Hibbert

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