Oscars 2017

The Oscars wrapped up the other night- and if you didn't watch it till the end...well, you missed out my friend!

This years awards were probably one of my personal favourites. Everything seemed to flow well (minus the major M. Night Shyamalan ending): The talent was funny, the Matt Damon jokes were hilarious and everyone seemed to be in a great mood!

One thing that really stuck with me was seeing the Director from La La Land take best Director at age 32. Spoiler alert in case you PVR'd it and haven't watched it yet! I've always found it remarkable to see these people nominated in this specific category work for decades to be recognized and here comes baby face Damien Chazelle to swoop up the prize! 

But why did it stick with me, why this moment? I think the moment really put into perspective the entire events one the night - the way that films are being made, distributed and watched which were all touched upon by winners of different categories. Companies like Amazon are getting into the game, Netflix films are on the rise (and being recognized) and a film made for under 5 million dollars taking the best picture prize. 

We've seen little bits of all the above over the last few Oscars. A film with a low budget winning here or there or some unique technique or method used to grab best picture but this year really seemed to be a collective of the last few years and- to me- showing where we're headed.

I'm excited to see where next years Oscars takes us and to focus on the films of 2017 and for me personally working on co-producing my first feature film! So keep your eyes peeled because one day we'll have a film up there on the big screen, fighting to win an Academy Award.