"Auditions" Guest Blog - Nathan Hibbert

Booking auditions is a fun yet very scary process for me. I know that I have to audition to get the roles I want, but who wants to put themselves in a place to get rejected?

I think rejection is the hardest part. No one wants to feel like they weren’t good enough for something they want. I’ve personally been “rejected” when auditioning for Movies, Music Videos, Modeling gigs etc. At first I was like “Damn I’m not good enough.” but now I know it’s about your mindset. I go into every audition saying “this part is mine!” and if they don’t choose me they missed out on a great actor.

Go in to every audition with as much confidence as you can. Don’t let anything make you feel like you don’t deserve the part, gig or job. Of course you won’t get everything you audition for due to other factors, but don’t let that get you down. Other opportunities may come around. Who knows, maybe the person who is casted ends up backing out and the director remembers you based off your performance. Its show business things can change in a flash. You just got to be ready to change with it when it happens.

Now I won’t say that I’m perfect at this myself, because I’m not. Though I do find my way of thinking helps when I’m not cast for a role. Thing is with this mindset you can get caught up in the “I’m the best actor” thought, and not realize that you actually weren’t meant for the part. Always try and learn from your auditions good or bad. Ask yourself questions like: How could I have done better? What did I do that the directors liked? Did I bring out my full potential? Did I bring the character they want to see to life? You can always learn from your auditions. You just got to ask yourself the right questions.

Remember to be yourself and have fun as well. Make the character yours and bring it to life. Add your own spin to their creation and prey that they like what they see!



Guest blog by Nathan Hibbert

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Welcome The New Addition- Wedding Videos!

Yup you read it right! We've taken the plunge and are super excited to announce that as of this Autumn we will be offering wedding video packages for the Toronto and GTA area!

If you're getting married or know anyone who is, why not check us out? We bring a very cinematic approach to our videos so your story of the day is always our focus. Weddings are also super fun - for us it's another reason to dress snazzy and shoot a great party! We'll have our first wedding video uploaded soon under the "wedding" tab and can't wait to hear from you! 

tiff Season Is Coming!

It's almost that time of the year where the festival circuit makes it's way to Toronto. Hello tiff season! This year the festival will be in town from Sept 8-18th. 

Now if you've never been downtown during festival time, well, it's an animal like no other! The streets are packed with producers, videophiles, movie connoisseur's and boat loads of celebrities all bathing in the electric glow of the city lights.

If you have the chance to get down to see some films, do it! It's a different experience then going to the theatres any other time. It's hard to explain but the biggest part is the atmosphere. It's a wild ride of hustle and bustle, exclusive screenings, private parties and fun! We had the chance to volunteer there a few years ago where on our first day we did usher duty for Snoop Dogg's Documentary where Drake and himself were there with a number of other artists. The next day we did line control for an Amy Adams movie and spoke to Canadian director Sarah Polley while being invited to an exclusive party with George Clooney and the Reitman family. Pretty good for a volunteer opportunity! 

So you're not used to the festival scene? Just want to get your feet wet? Perfect! Volunteer! It's one of the biggest festivals around and volunteering will give you the opportunity to watch some awesome films you may never see otherwise, you'll get to be up and close to your favourite celebs and maybe even attend a party or two. Cool? yeah we think so! 

We'll have a film there soon enough, but for this year, do yourselves a favour and see a film or two- you'll thank yourself for it afterwards and will give you plenty of stories to tell around ye olde water cooler. see you at the top!


SevenSeas Productions

So You Want To Shoot Your First Film

Well, congrats on that! 

Now the hard work begins. But where do you start? 

Well where's your script? Don't have one? That's where we will start and I'll try to keep this as organized as possible. 

1- Get your script. Write it yourself or get a writer on board who can bring your ideas to life or who may already have a script ready to shoot. This is the starting point for all the steps to follow. Choose or write your script carefully, write what you know and keep your future budget in mind. So maybe leave out the massive War of The Worlds alien invasion or the Game of Thrones battle scenes. Period pieces will cost you big time when it comes to your budget.

2- Pre-Production! Time to put in work! The more you spend quality time in pre-pro the better your shoot will be and the smoother the entire process with be. So what's involved with pre-production you may ask? This stage is where you'll secure your funding (if any!), you'll find and scout your locations, bring on your cast and crew, break down your script for shooting, put together your story boards and sort out what you're going to do when your film is done. (festivals, releases, youtube, vimeo etc)

Oh, and of course you're going to make sure all your contracts are good to go. There's a number of good programs out there that can really help with this overwhelming portion of being an independent film maker. Now let's be honest, this part...pre-production...is the main reason most films don't get made. So push through and get it done and you'll be that much farther ahead then the masses. 

3- Lights, Camera, ACTION! It's time to shoot! YAY! This is where the magic comes to life. This is where you'll shoot with your cast and crew and you'll find out it takes multiple takes and a bunch of angles to get everything just right. Don't believe me? Watch a 5 min clip from your favourite movie and there's a good chance you'll see just how many angles they actually use. Each angle has multiple takes, lighting set ups. camera set-ups, make-up and hair touch ups and don't forget to scrutinize your continuity logs! 

Once you've called it a wrap on your shoot that's it right? WRONG! Now comes post.

4- Post-Production! Now you have hours of footage, so what do you do with it? Edit. Be ruthless and know you have to get your film down to a set time (some festivals require a certain time length) But what to cut? If it doesn't move the story forward or add to the overall film drop it. you may love the 10 minute tracking shot down the back graffiti filled alley but does it do anything for the story? Probably not. 

In post you'll also edit your audio, do any additional voice recordings, add your sound effects then move on to colour correction and find out if you need any pick-up shots or retakes. Then, well then I think your film is done. You probably won't and you could probably go on tweaking it forever but at some point you need to know when to release your creation into the world and take some feedback with an open mind and open heart and get going on your next project!

Ok, so I tried to keep this as concise as possible so don't go crazy with these guidelines but if you'd like to discuss more we would love to hear from you! The more people create, the more creative people will be. Happy Shooting and feel free to leave any comments or feedback below. (see what I did there?)


SevenSeas Productions

Where'd it all begin?

The title says it all, where'd it all begin? 

My love for film and video really goes back to high school where I took every art or media class available. Our school didn't have the best of equipment so I learned to do all my editing on old VHS tapes and a VHS editing deck. No computers, no final cut, no iPhones. We had VHS camera's and our editing deck, that's all! So I fell in love with the hands on experience of making videos. It was hard, the videos were horrible but it sparked the dream of making movies. 

From there my next step was the Toronto Film School, which I credit my amazing wife (dating at the time) for pushing me to follow my dreams and take action to make them a reality. I did and I loved every aspect of it! I took advantage of the opportunities in front of me and dove in with excitement. It was during school that I realized if I wanted to make it in the video world I'd have to take matters into my own hands. From there SevenSeas Productions was born. 

I'll keep this first post short and minus all the heavy details - I think that's a good place to start. Stay tuned for more posts where we'll get specific on certain subjects, gear reviews and fun stuff along this awesome journey!

Cheers for now!