Cast & Crew Profile: Nathan Hibbert

It takes an army to make a film into a reality. It could be a small team of 2 or a massive horde of hundreds.

So we thought it would be great to start a piece on the blog that showcases the awesome talent we've been fortunate enough to work with! Some of them are actors, some are crew that have freelanced with us while others call SevenSeas Productions home.

To start us off we thought it would be great to share with you Nathan Hibbert. Where to start? The man is a multi-talented artist who creates wherever he goes! We had the chance to have him out for a promo shoot last spring and needless to say he was a character! We're always a bit skeptical when someone says their a triple threat of any kind but man did he deliver and was so much fun to have on set! 

We've asked all out Cast and Crew Profiler's the same questions and asked them to share some personal moments along with a bit of advice - so here are Nathan's Answers. Be sure to check him out on twitter & Instagram @renovalay


  • Name: Nathan Hibbert (Reno Valay)
  • Country: Canada
  • Position: Music Artist/Actor/Model 
  • What got you into the film world? To be honest when I was a kid I just loved creating my own world. I would imagine things and i'd be the star of everything. I would picture everything like a movie, and I was the main actor. It got to a point to where I'd watch a movie and the character I felt I connect with the most, I'd leave acting pretty similar to them in the movie. I guess in short, I like becoming someone since I get to enjoy being myself majority of the time.
  • Funniest moment on a set? I think one of the funniest moments for me, would be when filming one of my own videos. I had to dress up like a girl and dance in front of my friends and get their reaction. It was kinda embarrassing but well worth the laugh. 
  • Who is your film icon? My film icon would be... hmm good question. I don't think I really have one but the first person who comes to mind is Denzel Washington and Will Smith. They always deliver great performances!
  • What makes a good film? Many things can make a movie good in my opinion. Though when it comes down to it I'd have to go with a good story and a good cast to bring it to life. 
  • Who is your favourite character of all time? Haha! this one is simple for me. Devon Miles from Drumline!
  • Favourite animated movie and why? Spirited Away because it had such a dope story and was well animated. I could go in more details but why spoil it for someone who hasn't watched it?
  • A tip for the next generation? If you have a dream, Go for it. What others think or say doesn't matter. This is your life so live it the way you want to.
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Oscars 2017

The Oscars wrapped up the other night- and if you didn't watch it till the end...well, you missed out my friend!

This years awards were probably one of my personal favourites. Everything seemed to flow well (minus the major M. Night Shyamalan ending): The talent was funny, the Matt Damon jokes were hilarious and everyone seemed to be in a great mood!

One thing that really stuck with me was seeing the Director from La La Land take best Director at age 32. Spoiler alert in case you PVR'd it and haven't watched it yet! I've always found it remarkable to see these people nominated in this specific category work for decades to be recognized and here comes baby face Damien Chazelle to swoop up the prize! 

But why did it stick with me, why this moment? I think the moment really put into perspective the entire events one the night - the way that films are being made, distributed and watched which were all touched upon by winners of different categories. Companies like Amazon are getting into the game, Netflix films are on the rise (and being recognized) and a film made for under 5 million dollars taking the best picture prize. 

We've seen little bits of all the above over the last few Oscars. A film with a low budget winning here or there or some unique technique or method used to grab best picture but this year really seemed to be a collective of the last few years and- to me- showing where we're headed.

I'm excited to see where next years Oscars takes us and to focus on the films of 2017 and for me personally working on co-producing my first feature film! So keep your eyes peeled because one day we'll have a film up there on the big screen, fighting to win an Academy Award. 




How Do You Do It?

For real! How do you do it? What do you do after you've shot your promo video?

Great question! I may or may not have been asked this a few times this week so let's talk about that.

You've shot your video- hey that's awesome! Great job! Now comes the next part, editing. For some it's where all the magic happens, for others it's something that have to do because they can't afford an editor to do it. Either way if you want to take on the process yourself it may be a daunting task.

1st - first I upload all my favourite clips into my editing software. I know what ones are my favourite because I log them as we shoot to make this segment easier and less painful. Check mark.

2nd - I match my clips to the storyboard I out together for the client during the pre-production stage (see how it's all coming together?)

3rd - If it's going to have a custom audio track (which I love to have made for all my clients to make their work unique!) and a voiceover I remove all the audio tracks attached to the video and lay down a filler track of something I like. (note: do NOT edit your track to the beat of this tune or you'll have to redo it later. For me it's more to keep things fun and interesting during the process) 

4th - I start cutting down my clips to the appropriate length and add in my B-roll. Keeping the finished length in mind until the custom audio is complete.

5th - I lay down my custom track, make some adjustments to the cuts to match or not match the audio depending on what the client has specified. Add in some filters and let the final piece buffer away!

6th - Share with the client, make some changes based on criticisms, bask in the compliments, and take some time to see what you did right and what you could improve on later.

7th - Now you rock, relax and go enjoy the rest of your day!

I hope this has helped someone and gives you a bit more insight into how we're doing things here at SevenSeas Productions. 



Welcome The New Addition- Wedding Videos!

Yup you read it right! We've taken the plunge and are super excited to announce that as of this Autumn we will be offering wedding video packages for the Toronto and GTA area!

If you're getting married or know anyone who is, why not check us out? We bring a very cinematic approach to our videos so your story of the day is always our focus. Weddings are also super fun - for us it's another reason to dress snazzy and shoot a great party! We'll have our first wedding video uploaded soon under the "wedding" tab and can't wait to hear from you! 

tiff Season Is Coming!

It's almost that time of the year where the festival circuit makes it's way to Toronto. Hello tiff season! This year the festival will be in town from Sept 8-18th. 

Now if you've never been downtown during festival time, well, it's an animal like no other! The streets are packed with producers, videophiles, movie connoisseur's and boat loads of celebrities all bathing in the electric glow of the city lights.

If you have the chance to get down to see some films, do it! It's a different experience then going to the theatres any other time. It's hard to explain but the biggest part is the atmosphere. It's a wild ride of hustle and bustle, exclusive screenings, private parties and fun! We had the chance to volunteer there a few years ago where on our first day we did usher duty for Snoop Dogg's Documentary where Drake and himself were there with a number of other artists. The next day we did line control for an Amy Adams movie and spoke to Canadian director Sarah Polley while being invited to an exclusive party with George Clooney and the Reitman family. Pretty good for a volunteer opportunity! 

So you're not used to the festival scene? Just want to get your feet wet? Perfect! Volunteer! It's one of the biggest festivals around and volunteering will give you the opportunity to watch some awesome films you may never see otherwise, you'll get to be up and close to your favourite celebs and maybe even attend a party or two. Cool? yeah we think so! 

We'll have a film there soon enough, but for this year, do yourselves a favour and see a film or two- you'll thank yourself for it afterwards and will give you plenty of stories to tell around ye olde water cooler. see you at the top!


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