SevenSeas Productions has produced videos in Canada, the UK, the USA and Italy. Specializng in music videos, commercials, fashion films and short films.

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SevenSeas Productions since 2010

SevenSeas Productions was born with the realization that the world is vast and that there's talent in every corner. We're heading out to sea bringing together the world's top talent to collaborate on projects of the highest caliber. Founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada, we take our clients expectations and add an international flavour to them. Check out some of our international crew below!

James Highet

Born and raised in Toronto, James has always had a passion for making films. After graduating with honours from the Toronto Film School he went on to create SevenSeas Productions and enlist some of the top talent he could find. He is always looking forward for new and innovative ways to make things easier, and more effective for his cast, crew, and clients.


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